Tuesday, February 23, 2010

W16 Engine Works What About A W20 Engine?

What about a W20 engine? - w16 engine works

They wondered why a V14 engine has been done, and it is quite simple: the bad equilibrium. Those who do not know what a modern engine W, not bother me technique. If you have been to a Veyron, you just say what you think.

But V10 has an amazing sound. We W8 engines, motors, W12, W16 and engines, and tried the W18 engine, but in vain. To a modern W-engine must be a multiple of 4. Next on the F16 is F20.

Basically, it would be a little more than a V10, but they are a great performance and sound. Sounds good in theory, but it may have problems with balance, as well as the V10. But the engines seem counter W todo un poco.

Then there is a W24, which would be a little more than a V12 ... But imagine the power and sound.

Back to the topic: Do you believe that a W20 engine would be desirable and feasible? In a cold, for sure. In some vehicles, luxury Bugatti, most likely.


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